If you could be any animal, what would you be? and other thoughts

There are so many animals in the world. Ok, this is not talking about subwoofers or earbuds or audiophile stuff like I usually do on this audiophile blog, but I’ll just make this random post anyways.

So one thing I really like about animals is their fur. To me, having nice fur is a must. That isn’t to say that some animals aren’t nice, lets say fish, but I enjoy animals most that just feel awesome.

Touch is a big thing for me. I might be one of those that experience cross sensations a lot, but I know it’s kind of an overhyped thing anyways, especially among artists.

I know that I am at least for sound, because I can often hear what I’m seeing.

One time I was just laying on the ground staring at the ceiling until I realized that I was hearing something. I came to my senses and realized I was hearing the fan. However, the fan, I realized, wasn’t actually making any audible noise. I still heard it. It was loud.

I started to develop a thing where I would hallucinate people’s voices quietly in my mind for hours after I heard them. This led me to ultimately flee from society to block out the noises. For a while I guess I had that thing. I still get it sometimes, but since I forced myself to change out of it, it hasn’t been as bad.

Anyways, continue to enjoy your music, earbuds, subwoofers, soundbars, or whatever it is that you’re into.


ayy audiophiles

Some random questions:

  • what made you become an audiophile?
  • what type of music do you like?
  • what kind of system do you own?
  • what do you look for in a system?
  • is there anything specifically you would like more people to write about?
  • what are your thoughts on non audiophiles?
  • what is your favorite genres of music for bass specifically?
  • what kind of earbud do you prefer?
  • what kind of system do you prefer, sparkly, warm, etc?
  • how much did you spend on your system?
  • how long have you been in audiophile?
  • what forums do you browse?
  • where do you get your information?
  • anything else?

So far, thanks for reading! I’ve actually gotten some nice visitors since! thank you!

What do you like about subwoofers?

I haven’t owned a large number of them in my life, but they’re always appealing to have around.

why do these exist

Several things I like specifically:

  • crowd pleasing. Nothing like having some friends over and entertaining them with the power of your system! I love this so much.
  • Background applicable. I like a lot of chill music, and it’s nice just being able to turn on something like some future garage and just let it sit there and play in the corner without any interruption or anything. It’s nice to just sit there with some background music.
  • The power! It really brings a whole new dimension to those more powerful genres.

Crowd Pleasing

I enjoy having some mates over for a gaming binge on LAN with some nice music to showcase to the crowd. Get some mates over, get a pack of soda, a RTS game, and all night! I don’t do these as much anymore, but I really wish I could. Some of my fondest memories are just sitting there with my friends playing video games in silence except for the music. We all have our headphones in, deep concentration, the subwoofer rumbling softly, jimmies rustling gently as the wind as somebody gets pwnd in the corner… ah, good times!

Background noise

Nothing like those quiet nights on the internet or video games just letting the thing play off a background radio station or music. I actually like di.fm for this and they’ve got probably the best selection of genres for any internet radio station, including many chill, future, or just downright bassy genres. They’re all monitored 24/7 which is a huge plus. You get a free premium trial for a week once a year I think, but getting the premium is also nice so you don’t have ads.

The power

I admit, there are some genres that really just weren’t meant to be played without a subwoofer. One of these would be the hard rave style genres I used to be fond of. I no longer really listen to these but the bass was just incredible. Mind blowing, really.

What do you like about earbuds?

We’ve all spent hundreds on countless systems for listening to music. We’ve wasted countless hours researching and browsing on amazon and reading reviews. Some are way better than others, that’s for sure. I’m not sure why I like earbuds, but I think I like headphones more honestly.

I think one thing people need to realize is that fashion is not the greatest mentality to take to buying earbuds. They look at it like some sort of techno geeky accessory but that doesn’t really matter. Honestly, the geekiest or whatever is just the one that’s plain.

It’s been a while since I stopped looking for things in fashion. One day I decided to get rid of all of my fashionable clothing and everything else and I’ve just been plain ever since. Honestly, it’s way better than anything else, and I find myself more focused and clear-headed. It’s like I can focus. Plain is also way more intense, not that I like intensity, because that’s distracting and nonsensical.



When buying earbuds, I think I just like the ones that are the most comfortable. I like the ones that can stay in your ears for like 12 hours without hurting, not that I do that (any more).

I like the ones that go really deep into your ears because they isolate well and the sound comes through more focused.

Noise isolation in earbuds is also one more important factor to me. I like nothing better in buying earbuds than the satisfaction of knowing I’m at full volume and nobody can hear anything around me. I don’t like being a bother in that fashion, and I find it distracting if I have to constantly think about that in the back of my mind. I really don’t like that, and I don’t like being paranoid and having to turn the volume down constantly and turn it back up after I leave them later.

Of course, quality is also a factor, but it is not as big as these other things. I think nobody should have to use uncomfortable earbuds, and if you buy some, then you should have just gone without and saved up your money instead.

Monthly update

As an audiophile blog, I think I might just do a quick update of some random audiophile thoughts.

One thing is that I’m really digging the new music I found. I’m thinking about looking for a new music sharing site. I know soundcloud is pretty good. Honestly, youtube has some pretty good music, but the quality isn’t always the best. I find that you can just leave it on autoplay for a long time with something like some nice international music or chill music and it plays with no ads for a long time. I like that pretty good.

I am not really into pirating but sometimes the temptation is real. Unless I want to spend 1000 dollars at 1 dollar per song on itunes unfortunately there’s not a realistic way to be an audiophile these days. I think basically all audiophiles are elitist pirates who find it necessary to steal music so it will be in flac form or whatever. Whatever.

thanks for reading lol

I know it’s been awhile. I’ve really not been caring about the site as you can see. I’ll only update it around once a week, but you can continue reading for more information.

Some people say I take the whole audio thing too seriously, but I like the whole feeling of it. Audio itself has a certain personality that I just find appealing.

It’s like the nature of sound itself. I think this is some of the appeal of being an audiophile. The world is beautiful and it sounds amazing. There’s something special about sound that makes it not like sight or smell or anything. This is part of the reason people may spend a lot on earbuds or whatever- they want to be more connected to the source than ever. They feel like that in doing so and in buying a quality system, maybe they will be more connected to their passion, the music?

I don’t know. I like rambling about these things. There’s so much to the world and so much that we just can’t perceive with our tiny brains.

Anyways, thanks for reading. I’ll have more reviews and stuff later and life experiences maybe, but we’ll see. We’ll see if anything interesting happens to me? Probably not!

I see that my appreciation for music is changing. I like classical and world music a lot.

Things are changing. Life is going on. I’m growing. I feel satisfied, and life is pretty good right now.


where to get subwoofer home – theater reviews

subwoofer bass

remember these? Speakers…

I’ve been spending a lot of time researching electronics and audio equipment, and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing some brief information. I also promised a guide of some sort. Well, here it is, a short guide on where to find the best information for home subwoofers among other things.

What to look for and where in a subwoofer

subwoofer reviews 2015

nice rose wallpaper grandma actually its pretty nice

The first thing I do is consider my needs. What am I looking for? How much am I willing to spend? What is my goal, home theater, or musical precision?

Personally, I like to always make it a goal of playing music first of all if you see yourself doing that at all.

Next, if you still need more home audio capability, scale up.

The thing to look for in musical precision would first of all be the quality and accuracy. Many subwoofers less than 200 will mainly just be crowd pleasers, and often they are quite pleasing indeed. However, I must say that they are not the most accurate. A good subwoofer should be tight, not muddy.

Another factor to consider is the setup. You really actually have to tune it quite well to know what you’re looking for in the quality.

Quality isn’t the only thing, however.


weird speaker on display


A second and main ingredient, though it pains me to say this, would be the actual power of the device in full. How strong is it?

Let me just say that there is absolutely nothing worse than a subwoofer that refuses to put out the inferred capability. It should MORE Than fill your house when you crank that thing, and that’s mainly just for good measure.

A third and imporant factor to consider is the sensitivity. Really, this is only important in cars. Don’t assume that a huge wattage capacity means anything, because something with a higher sensitivity (in this case, it means more efficient) can easily outdo a lesser system that is less powerful wattage wise.

subwoofer for music

what even is this

There once was a company called Sunfire who made this the concept of all its design. They made their subwoofers extraordinarily small, fitting more bass per square inch than you would think was physically possible. This of course made them legendary, and they remain as one of the most favored audiophile companies to date.

Their concept worked because they were able to engineer extremely powerful and sensitive systems that could actually move as much air (thus, loudness and power) as a system that was actually 50% bigger in size.

subwoofer bass big

close up

It’s always a pleasure to see those little things rock a house to pieces. Many of them, if not all are actually smaller than a square foot, making them practically invisible if you disguise it. Hide the cables, only show a couple speakers, and blow your friends away with the 1812 overture with a dramatic ending.

These are some basics of what to look for. Of couse, there are many others. You primarily want a system that you’re happy with! It’s really as simple as that. You might consider an extended warranty program or other features offered.

Lastly, you don’t really need a special software package or anything to attune it to whatever frequencies or whatever. All you need to do is buy some magic crystals… and, just kidding.

best subwoofer reviews

what is this

All you really need to do is what the audiophiles call a speaker crawl. Place it in your seat where you’re listening, and…

  1. place subwoofer in seat
  2. turn on with appropriate music
  3. crawl around room
  4. find best sounding spot
  5. switch system with your place

It should sound exactly the same as when you were there! As for the laws of physics, be assured that no worm hole has opened causing a temporal rift that creates a suction of sound in imitation due to the garden gnome laws of physics, where sound is carried by invisible gnomes, and gravity is when they’re pulling you back to the earth.

Once you’ve got this covered, here’s a guide on where to look:

  1. bestsubwooferhq.com
I hope they keep this layout lol

I hope they keep this layout lol

Bestsubwooferhq┬áis probably one of the greatest review sites I’ve seen in a long time. In this niche there’s not many who are willing to sit down and constantly review product after product with endless and tireless category posts (with research and everything) all by themselves, and this guy really deserves the credit for actually taking the challenge of tackling the audiophile world in a subwoofer review site.

2. head-fi.org

Simply put, head-fi.org should be the site of preference for the majority of products that you’re looking for the review site. This is the first stop when I want to do research on something, and there are also some forums that discuss everything related to audiophiles.

I love their guides, and many gurus and detailed product reviews make this a timeless treasure.

Wherever you decide to go, there is one thing that all review sites should tell you (if they don’t, don’t listen!). That is, never trust amazon reviews. They’re extremely deceptive. Amazon keeps product reviews from ages past long after the whatever stops being produced and made the same way. Often times, a random depot will carry thousands of a product, and after the company fails, they keep selling them for years on Amazon. Often this results in the degradation of the product until it fails instantly because it was sitting in a depot for years after the warranty would have failed outright. They crack them open, bust a box open, and give you something that has been sitting on the shelves for years at a time. This can cause them to fail. Just be careful and make sure that the company is still in business when you decide to buy whatever subwoofer or headphones when you shop there.


post by some random m8 not on head-fi though.. it’s oudated by now

The reviews are often sketchy, and based on how satisfied the people were. Normally this can be a good indicator of price-value bang-for-your-buck, however, lets just admit tha the majority of people are not audiophiles in this case. They are likely to review it just based on how impressive it is, which can be based only on how powerful the system is and not the actual quality.

Many people have it as their first product, and when they experience the pure bliss of actually owning a home theater subwoofer they go on the site and leave a 5 star review of how they liked it.

The second type of review is the one who was unlucky enough to have the 1 in a 1000 fail product.

The rating of the system, then is mostly based on how many people gave it a 5 star review (which is too unstable of a variable because people are random) vs how many people had the product fail. You don’t really see that many 2 or 3 star reviews because those people don’t really care enough to review it. If they did then you would have an accurate review, but until then, you really can’t say that amazon has the best reviews out there!


5 o 5 breddy good

Lastly, pick the one you’re most satisfied with. There’s nothing quite like buyers remorse. This should be an investment that lasts you not 2 or 3 years, but at least 5-8 years if you get a good product. Often times (like with some BIC series ) there is as much as an 8 year warranty, which is extremely valuable!

Take all of these things into consideration when you look for subwoofer home theater reviews and decide to purchase.

Personally, I would go and spend about 500 on a system with an 8 year warranty. Better than getting something for around two hundred and ending up with like 1 year of service and having it break. Sucks when things like that happens. I hope you really look into the matter and do research well, because there’s some pretty good satisfaction in knowing you really got the best for your money! I love that feeling.

As a side note, I’ll continue updating this site with some random posts and stuff. Continue reading and thanks for your time if you actually did read!